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Friday, November 18, 2011

Christmas Party Invitation

MHW Christmas Gathering
December 1, 2011
6:30 p.m.
Chapel Lawn

bring a side dish or dessert (see list in last meeting notes)
bring something to read - theme is LOVE

Meeting Notes - November 10, 2011

In Attendance: Joan, Lorraine, Pam, Luniel, Judy, Jackie

Jackie invited two of her sons to the meeting to discuss their favorite books. Damian did a presentation on the Wimpy Kid Do it Yourself Book by Jeff Kinney. The book includes questionnaires, writing prompts, space to draw your own comics, and pages in the back for journaling. He purchased it at the elementary school book fair. Jake is a fan of all the diary books in the series because they are funny and have good illustrations.

Lorraine brought the book Elena's Big Move written by Sarah M. Olivieri and illustrated by Joaquin L. Zarate. The book is published by Synergy Books. Mrs. Olivieri moved to East Chicago, IN from Puerto Rico when she was nine. Elena's Big Move helps children struggling to transition into their new home. She has also written a second book which should be published soon. Lorraine also brought in Olivieri's author bio to share with the group.

Luneil will officially be starting her series Lottie Nora. She plans to target children 7-10 years old. She asked for ideas from members about different incidents Lottie Nora could find herself in.

Pam suggested members develop and keep Character Fact Sheets in a binder. These sheets or note cards would include information on each character in your story such as their hair color and type, height, unique qualities, speech patterns, clothing, etc. Pam will e-mail a sample Fact Sheet to each member. Pam also knows a lady who writes plays for special needs children.

Judy read a poem about fireflies by local author and artist Beverly Topa. Judy and Jackie met Beverly through Prairie Writers Guild last year. Bev's poem is entitled Magic Hour.

Jackie informed the group she met a local author from Rensselaer who has a story in Chicken Soup for the Soul - Find Your Happiness and also has been in Highlights Magazine for Children. Shannon Anderson has agreed to be a guest speaker in January and may also be interested in joining MHW. Jackie sent in two more poems to children's magazines this week and also purchased three children's magazines from US Kids for the MHW library. Each targets a different age group. Jackie shared her 2011 submission log and reported she received yet another rejection letter.

Lorraine read her short story A Treat to Remember for Martie Moose.

Joan submitted her poem Ode to World Poetry Movement Poetry Contest and has been notified that she is a semi-finalist. She should hear back from them in the spring.

Members decided next meeting will be moved to the first Thursday of the month - December 1st at 6:30. We will have a regular meeting combined with a Christmas party. Below is a list of food members will be bringing. Please join us!!!

Pam - Sloppy Joes
Judy - Pasta salad
Luneil - Vegetables and dip
Lorraine - Chips and hamburger buns
Jackie - Fruit and drinks
Joan - Cookies