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Monday, February 23, 2015

Meeting Highlights February 12, 2015

Members Present:  Andrew, Bob, Jackie, Judy, Luneil, Patty, Ruthann, Suzy

Judy will contact IWC about reserving a room at the Lake County Library for our meetings.

Luneil won the raffle for the Text Aloud3 (convert your text to speech software app). She looks forward to using it and will report her experience to the group at a future meeting.

Patty brought in miniature hats and perfume bottles that she has been working on to help her visualize the millinery shop from her novel. She plans to create a two story shop complete with a hat work room and apartment on the upper level. Suzy and other members reassured her that a lot of authors sketch floor plans, draw maps, and make recreations for reference.

Patty read “The Millinery Shop of Paris”, Chapter 2 in Modiste De Paris. Members suggested she keep the chapter, which describes the shop in vivid detail, as author notes for reference. Members also advised her to include specific details throughout the upcoming chapters so they are not just concentrated in one place.

Judy read Chapter 3 “Friends” in Emma and Guenevere. Aunt Anne is shocked to discover Emma has not only met the princess but considers her a friend.

Bob read his recently revised first chapter, entitled “Magic”, about Cody and his dog Lucy and the mysterious dog house.

Suzy brought in the book Screen-Smart Parenting by Jodi Gold, MD. In the book Gold evaluates the benefits and effects of technology on children of different ages. Suzy learned e-books need to be kept simple. Further, buttons and animations distract children and take away from the reading and learning experience.

Suzy created a picture book for her grandson though Ibooks. She used pictures from Killian’s early years to ease him into the transition of becoming a big brother next month.

Luneil handed out an outline of ideas she has been working on for her Barty the Clumsy Vampire book. Members gave additional suggestions.

Jackie passed out writing handouts and read her poem “Snow Day”.

Judy has secured a guest speaker for our next meeting. Mari Barnes is a member of Indiana Writers’ Consortium and has her own publishing company.

MHW would like to thank Panera Bread for allowing us to hold our February meeting there. 

Members decided another location will be needed when we have special events including guest speaker engagements and will check on availability.

Next meeting is March 12, 2015. The place is to be determined.