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Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 14th Meeting Highlights

Attendees: Judy, Joan, Lorraine, Luneil and Pam

Notes:  Pamela's internet business is taking off. She purchased a program cs6 that can be used for publishing. She publishes a newsletter called Connections for the church. She passed out a copy of the letter; it is interesting and looks great. On a sad note Pam's grandson was ran over by a car two weeks ago. His injuries were serious but he is recovering. We all pray that he makes a full recovery.

Joan made contact with Harry Porterfield who did a story about a barber named Delmar Dunn from Chicago. She wanted Mr. Porterfield to help her contact Delmar to see if he knew Nelson. Hopefully Mr. Dunn will contact her.

Lorraine lost her aunt on May 1st; our condolences to her. She gave us a copy of her picture recipe of Rhubarb Oatmeal Bars. This is another idea for our recipe book. Lorraine also wrote and read a story about a Lizard. This is going to be a chapter book.

Judy passed out a story that Sharon had sent her about a teacher. Sharon also sent her a summary of writing an effective Query letter. Judy wrote a new story and a recipe. The title is Two Too Delicious Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

Luneil did not have any thing to read, but she shared with the group a new idea for a Lottie Nora story.  Her father is still in the hospital and while she was sitting there, she thought of different ways Lottie Nora could get into trouble when trying to help as a candy striper at the hospital.  Luneil will have another story and recipe for the next meeting.

We also want to start brainstorming about our children recipe book. We need to discussed illustrations and how we will put it together. We still need everyone to submit at least two stories and two recipes.

We had delicious snacks but we went home with a sugar high. Joan made some brownies, Pam brought danishes and Luneil brought apple slices and caramel dip. Yum!! Yum!!!

Next MHW meeting will be  July 12, 2012.