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Sunday, March 17, 2013

March Meeting Highlights

March 14, 2013

Members Present: Joan, Luneil, Bernardo, Pam, Jackie, Judy

Pam reported that she does a lot of writing on her job and hasn't written much for kids lately. Currently she produces a weekly newsletter and will be developing a quarterly magazine for the church as well. She will be working with three photographers and three writers. Celebration Magazine will highlight church events among other things.

Pam plans to finish her self-help book by the end of April. She has talked extensively with member Sharon Palmeri about the pros and cons of self-publishing and e-publishing. Sharon encouraged Pam to send out a query letter to 30 publishers. The group agreed that the older population prefers hard copy books and manuals. Jackie added that some publishers may request she include a chapter outline and/or a sample chapter.

Bernardo's website is He read more from his short story Red and Fred. Bernardo has been working on character development and has been editing his first draft as well. Jackie suggested he include a map at the beginning of the book.

Judy read the article "How Do You Write a Poem" that she wrote for the PoPP 2012/2013 magazine. Jackie suggested she include at least five kid-friendly links to poetry in the back of the magazine. The PoPP committee will meet next week to review the draft copy. The awards banquet will be in April.

Judy shared her potato recipe and poem.

Joan is working on a recipe and poem for peanut butter and chocolate. She will bring in her poem My Song next meeting.

Luneil is working on developing two additional characters for her Lottie Nora series. These include Lottie Nora's mother and cousin.

Jackie will bring in her apple dip recipe next month.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


February 2013 Meeting Highlights

February 21, 2013

Members Present: Cathy, Lorraine, Judy, Luneil, Joan, Jackie

Members met at Schoop's Restaurant.

Judy reported on the last Prairie Writer's Guild meeting.  Judy, Luneil, and Jackie drove down to Rensselaer earlier in the month. Past guest speaker Shannon Anderson is working with Tate Publishing. Her latest book is titled, I Am Not a Pirate, which was inspired by her daughter's amblyopia (lazy eye). Judy discussed her past offers with Tate and their rates.

Judy passed out a list of generator sites which help you with character development. The sites help with coming up with unique names and personality traits, etc.

Jackie reminded the group about checking the minutes, updating bios, and keeping up with readings and posts from the Chicago Writer's Conference.

Joan submitted 2 poems about the loss of a significant other. She passed out a poem and recipe for cheese crackers.

Lorraine has received rejections from all three publishers she submitted her moose story to. She plans to contact her friend who works at Corby Press out of South Bend. Lorraine then read her latest short story A Hardheaded Mother Bird.

Luneil passed out her character development sheet on Lottie Nora. It included specific details on Lottie Nora's physical description and personality traits. Jackie suggested Luneil include a mannerism or saying that carries over into each of the four books she has planned for the series.

Judy passed out Christmas gifts to Cathy and Lorraine since they missed the New Year's Party.

Next Meeting: March 14, 2013