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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Meeting Highlights - June 13, 2018

Attending: Luneil, Valia, Karen and Patty

It was an excellent meeting with many intensive discussions. It began with comments about the SCBWI and IWC conferences. Karen and Valia attended SCBWI and brought handouts. Patty attended IWC. Pros and cons of both were brought up.

The Fall Indiana/Michigan writing retreat will be held at Pokagon State Park, in October. Sign up by Sept. 4th.

SCBWI 6 State ‘Wild West Conference’ will be held May 3-5, 2019

Luneil mentioned she needs help with her boy, Barty. The others came up with several suggestions for Luneil, including giving Barty a diary to write in in order to find out more about him. Karen suggested Luneil get into Barty’s head, to really flesh him out.
Patty said Camp NANOWRIMO starts July 1st, and suggestions Luneil write just 10 minutes a day as a goal, rather than completing 50,000 words. Patty said she is going to do the camp, hoping to get ideas for her next book. 

There was discussion about Diversity in writers and stories.

Valia brought several of Eric Rohmann’s books from the conference. There is minimal wording, especially in “My friend, Rabbit” He wanted to show how much information can be given with a few excellently chosen words and outstanding illustrations. He also showed us Candace Fleming’s “Giant Squid” another beautiful book with few words. They both were presenters at conference.

Only Patty had something to read, Chapter 7 from her Vienne book. Thankfully, both Karen and Valia mentioned that too much of the chapter was ‘telling and not showing’ and she can change it for the better!

The meeting ended at 9pm. We were all better for attending!

Respectfully submitted,