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Monday, May 3, 2010

Meeting Minutes - February 11, 2010

Date:    February 11, 2010     
Start Time:  7:00 P.M. 
End Time:  9:00 P.M.

Joan Bodefeld  
Pam Gonzalez  
Jackie Huppenthal  
Luneil Morrow
Sharon Palmeri  
Jennifer Romano 
Judy Whitcomb

Sharon made some suggestions for group organization:
·    Sign in sheet:  This allows a quick attendance record as well as allowing an area to indicate who wants to share something during the meeting.  Sharon provided a sample sheet.
·    A group constitution:  This could contain goals and objectives.  It would also have meeting guidelines and rules.
·    Keep group size 15 or under

The mission statement was approved.

Dues:  The following was approved by the group:
·    $20.00 annually
·    Non-refundable
·    Any amount left at the end of the fiscal year will be carried over to the next year.
·    An accounting of finances will be incorporated into the minutes.

The group agreed to continue to meet at Judy’s for now.  As the group expands, it may be necessary to find a location that will accommodate a larger population.  Joan suggested a library for meetings.  Sharon said there may be some issues with libraries and bookstores (they were “kicked out of one").  Jennifer will call the Dyer/Shererville branch and inquire with them about the possibility of using them for a meeting site.

Sharon shared information about Write on Hoosiers and the Indiana’s Writers Consortium.
·    As a certified 501c3 group, you can get donations that are tax-exempt.
·    WOH meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month.
·    Possible opportunity for our group to combine with WOH and a couple of other small writing groups for special celebrations like the Christmas Party.
·    The Consortium is an umbrella group for other writers’ groups.  They meet four times a year.  Multiple counties are involved in this group so future meeting sites not available now.  Since the group is relatively new, not all questions could be answered because they are still working through details.  Check out their webpage.

Website/blog development:
·    Jackie compared the two and the group looked on-line to see Jackie’s.
·    Pam volunteered to develop the group blog.

·    Judy shared a kid’s poem, “The Puddle”.  Sharon said she could see that as a picture book because of the visual images she had hearing the poem.
·    Jennifer showed a hard copy of the book she wrote in the children’s writing class.  She had it done by I-photo.  The price was $85.00 for the book mainly because of the hard cover. 
·    Jennifer is having the book self-published by Author House.
·    Jackie made a picture book on Snapfish suited for a read to book for 3 – 4 year olds.  It had actual pictures of her family on a river trip.  This was a soft covered book that cost $13.00.
·    Both books were professional looking and inspiring to the group.

A discussion of self-publishing groups ensued.  An action plan was initiated to further investigate these groups:
·    Each MHW member will choose 3 self-publishing groups and gather information on the group.
·    The information may include:
o    A sample contract
o    An information book that Sharon indicated these groups will send out
o    Any other pertinent information
·    When a member decides on a self-publishing company to review, let Judy know so that duplicate reports can be avoided. 
o    When you send the name of a publisher, Judy will let you know if someone has taken that one.
·    These reports will be presented at the May meeting.

·    No agenda items suggested for the next meeting.
·    No sub committees designated for the development of the group constitution.
·    Meetings will take place on the second Thursday of each month at Judy’s.
·    Dues will be collected at the next meeting or may be sent to Judy

Current assignments:
·    Group Moderator:  Jackie Huppenthal
·    Blog developer:  Pam Gonzalez
·    Minutes and Treasurer:  Judy Whitcomb

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