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Monday, January 28, 2019

Meeting Highlights 1.9.19

Members Present:  Jackie, Karen, Luneil, Patty, Rachael, Ruthann, Valia

Adhering to her editor’s advice, Patty said she is working on cutting a lot out of her novel Vienne and is also developing subplots.

Ruthann read her short story One Night… She plans to enter it in a contest. Winners receive a trip to New York.

Rachael brought her books The Blue Pencil and The Lucky Beads and read them to the group. 

Members purchased copies and Rachael autographed them.

Jackie read a letter she received from her sponsored child, a teenager from India. Valia explained a little about the Hindi language.

Valia read his humorous poem “Granite Wall”. He also added a related picture to the handouts.

Karen is still revising her screenplay which is now called Saving Ivy and will send chapter one to the group via email since we ran out of time.

Next Meeting:  February 13, 2019


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