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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Meeting Highlights - October 11, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!!

Members Present: Pam, Bernardo, Judy, Luneil, Lorraine, Jackie

Lorraine informed the group about two writing competitions. The first was the 13th Annual Writer's Digest Short Short Story Competition and the second was the 82nd Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition. More information is available on the Writer's Digest website:
Lorraine reported she received rejections from Sasquatch Books and Carus Publishing (Spider Magazine). She encouraged us to keep submitting and suggested we all enter the same contests and see how we do.
Judy reminded everyone she e-mailed the group about the Ladies Home Journal Personal  Essay Contest and the Children's Writer YA Short Story Contest. Links for both follow: and . We have also included this information on our Upcoming Events and Contests page.
Jackie received an e-mail from Dawn Publishing in September that provided information and links for nature writers and those who teach children about nature. She will forward the e-mail to our members. She also reported she got a rejection letter from the editorial director at Cricket Magazine Group. Jackie had sent in a total of four poems, one of which included a related activity.

The group discussed future guest speakers including local poet Beverly Stanislawski.

Bernardo started a blog which has an encouraging theme and uplifting messages. He reported his short story Red and Fred is over 12 pages. Bernardo started an outline which lists the seven things they encounter before reaching their destination. Jackie suggested he make a list of their character traits and incorporate them into each section of the story. Pam volunteered to develop a tip sheet on character development and will distribute it at the next meeting.
Pam is working on a two part self-help e-book series. Her books will assist people in becoming familiar with their options in a step-by-step fashion. In addition, she is developing a supplemental workbook that would accompany the guidebooks.

Judy reported Tate Publishing is still interested in her story and is willing to work with her in regards to financing options. Judy is still busy working for Michigan State and has a new group of teacher interns. She suggested we look into attending writers' conferences so we can make connections with agents, writers, and publishers and get feedback from them directly. The group also agreed to look into SCBWI (the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) further and consider joining the organization.

Luneil is recovering from a second back surgery and has not had much time for writing. She is still working on the MHW cookbook though. The group reviewed the list of recipes, short stories, and poems and brainstormed other ideas. Jackie will update then e-mail the list. Jackie then suggested that Luneil revive her feisty Rapunzel character and write her into various fairy tales.

*** Members are encouraged to keep submitting items for our cookbook.

*** We are asking members to review their bios and update them on an annual basis. Jackie will make revisions this winter.

Ask Our Members: Writers are encouraged to carry around a notebook and pen at all times because you never know when inspiration will strike, so...We asked our members:  When do you get your ideas?

Pam - while doing dishes
Bernardo - on the throne
Jackie - while driving or at bedtime
Judy - (no ideas lately) oh no!
Luneil - when sitting in a strange place
Lorraine - in the early morning while still asleep

Next meeting: Thursday, November 8th.
Everyone welcome!  We love writing for kids and are always looking for fresh ideas and new members. Come see what we are about before becoming a member. We always have great food and really know how to throw a fantastic Christmas party!!! Hope to see you at the next meetings :).

(Membership dues paid now will be applied to 2013. We offer a discount for students.)