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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Zoom Meeting Highlights - March 11, 2021

MHW Members got together, via Zoom, after not meeting for over a year. Judy set up the Zoom account and created a how-to document for anyone who is confused about how the process works. The link will be sent out a few days before each monthly meeting. Please call Judy or Jackie if you want to get on the mailing list or still need some technical help sorting it all out.

Current and past members, as well as anyone interested in writing for children, are welcome to join us virtually through these meetings. Membership dues have been waived this year, so this is a great time to see what we are all about! Also ask to join our Magic Hour Facebook Page if you haven't already. Hope to have a big turn out next time :). JSH

Members Present: Pete, Helena, Patty, Valia, Judy, Jackie
Minutes by: Judy Lachance-Whitcomb

  • Pete 

    • Has moved away from poems and is focusing on a children’s book inspired by his journey into family history (DNA test, Ancestry)

    • He has also written lyrics for a song that he is waiting for a friend to put to music.  He shared one lyric with the group, I’ll See You in a While.

  • Helena

    • She has been doing all her writing in Chinese and hasn’t been writing in English.

    • Mainly, she has been writing about her family’s history

      • She has one book completed on her father

      • One book on general family history

      • Her mother is over 90 and she wants to complete a book as she did for her father for her mother.

  • Patty

    • Patty had taken a break from her novel due to Pete’s health issues and COVID.

      • She has gone back to it and appreciates the break because the “step back” from it has given her a “fresh eye”

      • She is using “filter words” to eliminate some of the weakest words written.

        • She uses the “search” function on Word and types in a filter word.

      • She takes the filter word out and is surprised at how much better it makes the sentences.

      • filter words: 

  • Valia

    • He has taken several on-line workshops through SCBWI with Shannon Anderson and Lynn Oliver

      • He has now become interested in writing a children’s picture book

        • He shared what he has written on it so far

  • Judy 

    • While at Clarendale, she didn’t do any creative writing

      • Her writing was devoted to putting out a monthly newsletter that was an average of 30 pages

      • She also wasn’t attending MHW meetings because of her other commitments at Clarendale.

    • With freed time, she is determined to attend MHW meetings regularly and start writing again.