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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Meeting Highlights - November 13

Members Present:  Andrew, Bob, Jackie, Judy, Luneil, Suzy

Guests:  Ruthann Graczyk, Pat Yackanich

Members discussed where to gather for the next meeting/Christmas party. Ruthanne will make some calls.
Andrew read four poems: Three Pots, The Pot of Beauty, The Pot Suitable for Duty, and The Little Pot. He had done a lot of editing and revising over the past few months. Members gave a few suggestions on rhythm but felt he had done a nice job overall with the descriptions and overall message he was trying to convey.
Bob reported that he uses to check for weak words, clich├ęs, and passive voice.
Patty read Chapter 1 The Foreboding of the Silver Bells. The story takes place in 1900’s Paris, France and is a middle grade novel. Pat has been working on it for over a year and has completed nine chapters. Members are anxious to hear more.

Judy read her revised first chapter of Emma and Guenever. She has broken up some of Emma’s dialogue by including partial interjections from Guenever but has been able to maintain Emma’s energetic spirit in her writing. Judy also read Chapter 2 Gathering Eggs and Feathers.
Suzy read Zilla Plants a Garden from The Adventures of a Garden Gnome. Zilla gets help and inspiration from Chummy, Purr, and the house children.

Bob read Book Three – Hayley the Hawk from The Adventures of Rugs. Riley and Rugs make judgments on the hawk before they know anything about her.

Jackie will gather some handouts from past meetings to share with Pat.
Luneil, Jackie, Judy, Andrew, Suzy, and Bob plan on attending the Write-On Hoosier Christmas Banquet on December 3rd.

Next Meeting:  Thursday, December 11th. Place is to be determined.