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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Meeting Highlights February 21, 2014

Members present: Luneil, Andrew, Judy, Joan, Jackie
Judy passed out annual financial report and collected dues. Dues were ½ price for the month of February. We have decided to extend the discount through March. She also purchased the latest edition of Book Markets for Children’s Writers and Magazine Markets for Children’s Writers. Any member can borrow either book for a month at a time.
Judy passed out the recipe summary and a draft of the cookbook. Members discussed layout and what is still needed. We need to create recipes for more breakfasts, sandwiches, and side dishes among other things. Judy will work on a cover so please give her ideas. It was decided that we should have a meeting where we focus solely on the cookbook. Jackie will email the other members so they will have the latest information.
Judy will look into a fine arts grant for professional development so we can use designated funds to attend a workshop, conference or writer’s retreat in the near future.
Jackie passed out a list of sensory words and a list of sound words. Both lists can make writing more descriptive and powerful. Jackie is keeping a file folder on the information/handouts that have been passed out in previous meetings. She suggested that Andrew visit the links Sharon has on the Write-On Hoosier blog site.
Andrew showed some illustrations his co-worker drew for his picture book. Members discussed word and page count for picture/board books for 0-2 year olds. Jackie will bring in some examples next meeting.
Luneil and Joan will research additional meeting places. 
Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 20. The place is to be determined.