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Monday, May 27, 2013

Meeting Highlights - May 9, 2013

Members Present:  Bernardo, Cathy, Jackie, Judy, Luneil, Pam

Judy passed out price sheets and ordering information for personalized pens. We plan on giving MHW pens to members and using them to advertise our group and promote membership. Pam and Judy discussed Adobe Creative Suite and the programs they use for illustrating and book formatting.
Pam brought two recipes and poems for our cookbook. She wrote a poem about hotdogs and has a recipe for stuffed hotdogs, a meal she enjoyed as a child. The other recipe was for cinnamon apples which accompanies a poem about apple blossoms.

Jackie brought in apple slices and caramel dip. She is submitting the dip recipe for the book.

Luneil read Parfait Makes a Great Day and brought a recipe for Fruit & Sherbet Parfait.
Pam will work on a pasta salad. Jackie will work on a party punch.

Everyone should bring cookbooks to the next meeting so we can have examples and make some decisions about layout and design. Everyone also needs to send their submissions to Judy via e-mail.

Luneil came up with the title for our book. Everyone agreed it should be called Magic Hours in the Kitchen.
Bernardo continued his story about Red and Fred. They are now at Stone Castle. He has been working on including more descriptions and dialogue. Jackie thought it might be a good idea to have Fred practice different anger management techniques in each chapter. She will send Bernardo a list to inspire ideas.

Judy read Faces which is a poem she wrote as a memorial to those killed at the Boston Marathon. The group encouraged her to submit it to different magazines and papers in Boston. Judy then read a short story entitled Connections about two very different people who meet at a beach.

Pam has been writing devotions every week for her church's newsletter. All end with a scripture passage at the end. Members think she should consider compiling and publishing them in book form each year. See Pam's devotions at You can find them in the about us/past newsletters section.
Next Meeting:  June 13, 2013