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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Meeting Highlights 7-11-19

Members Present:  Jackie, Karent, Luneil, Patty, Valia

Guest:  Allen
Allen was a stand-up comic who enjoys writing poetry for children. He has written four books.

Luneil wrote another chapter in Barty and will read it at the next meeting. Members suggested she try to write the next chapter in first person.

Karen was working on a “Dear Reader” letter for the workshop she will be attending next week in Vermont. It introduces her book to others who are also attending the workshop. She then read the newly revised first chapter of Ghost Lessons.

Valia reported three of his poems have been published in three different literary journals. “Grandfather” was published in Wards, “Bell Tolls” was published in Northwest Indiana Literary Journal, and “Heart Beats” was published in Poetic Medicine. He submitted to Poetic Medicine for over a year which shows persistence pays off.

Jackie submitted a poem and four photographs to Light Journal. Unfortunately, this will be their last issue.

Patty likes Children’s Book Insider as a downloadable resource. She met with Esther again in Chicago and is trying to sort through her recommendations.

Allen read his poem “Gorilla Chose Vanilla” which he wrote for a friend’s birthday. He is not sure if he will self-publish or submit to traditional publishers. Members suggested he tighten up the poem and check out a few rhyming picture books at the library. Jackie suggested books by Jamie Lee Curtis. Allen also hopes to attend Write-On Hoosiers and Northwest Indiana Poetry Society meetings.

Next Meeting:  August 14, 2019, Rosati's in Schererville at 6:30


Monday, July 8, 2019

Meeting Highlights June 12, 2019

Members Present:  Helena and Valia

Helena presented her essay entitled ‘Wait with Patience.’ It was an essay that she was going to present to her church under a program called Write to the Heart Presentation. It highlights spiritual journey when one of her church closed. It served her family and other Chinese families for 20 years. It describes their anguish which she describes using quotes from the Bible that gave her inspiration. The essay ends with doors opening to another church by Bethel Church for Chinese Congregation.

Valia presented his poem entitled Old Man and the Stick (inspired from Shel Siverstein’s Giving Tree). It describes how an old man finds companionship with a stick during his lost phase of life journey and how the stick rewards him.

Next Meeting:  July 10, 2019 at Rosati's in Schererville at 6:30 p.m.