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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Upcoming Events - We Need YOU!

The Southlake YMCA in Corwn Point is looking for
Children's Authors to read their books
to children on Healthy Kids Day in March.
Contact: Lauren Mandernack

Friday, January 25, 2013

New Year's Party/Meeting, January 10, 2013

Members Present:  Judy, Joan, Luneil, Bernardo, Pam, Jackie

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We had some terrific food and desserts; Judy even brought gifts! See slide show on right side at the top...

We worked too:
Judy will collect dues in February. Judy will also make 2013 membership cards and business cards so that we can hand them out to anyone interested in writing for children.
Members looked at the current list of recipes and related poems and stories. Jackie will e-mail the recipe list again to members. Members discussed having a workshop in April at Pam and Bernardo's home to work specifically on the recipe book.
Bernardo read a part of his Red and Fred story and had some questions about how he should help the reader distinguish between his main characters and their clones. Jackie suggested including detailed descriptions and personality traits that carry over to the clones as well. Pam will work on a character development tips sheet.
Pam read the table of contents, forward, and first chapter of her guide book. The members felt it was very direct and easy to read. The layout was in book form and gave a good preview/representation of what the final product will be like.
Jackie brought in a copy of the Chicago Sun-Times. The newspaper and NBC Channel 5 news featured one of her cardinal photos in the weather section.  Jackie also had several photos in local 2013 Town Planner Calendars. She has not been writing much.
Judy read her short story Little Red Riding Hood from the latest Hoosier Horizon magazine.
New Year's Resolutions:
          ***Magic Hour Writers wants to
                                  retain current members and recruit new members!!!

* I want to help finish our cookbook and... get back to my Grandma book idea,... Joan
* Slowly adding and editing my collection of children's poems. Paul
* Finish my watercolor paintings and send in Sally Mae for editing. -- Jackie
* I want to write another Ryliegh Emma story and start submitting more. Judy
* I would like to say that I am going to write every day.  I have been trying this for years and far I have not accomplished this. I am going to write at least twice a week.  I plan to write another Lottie Nora story. I am going write more in my personal journal.  So far I have managed to write in it almost every day this year.  Luneil
* I plan on writing more which includes a journal of daily events and thoughts. Maybe some writing ideas may come out of it. Lorraine