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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Meeting Highlights - February 13, 2019

Members Present: Jackie Judy, Karen, Patty, Rachael, Valia

Karen read Patty’s young adult novel last month and offered suggestions within the manuscript. She hopes to be done with Saving Ivy by the end of March. Karen also plans to attend a one week workshop at an artist colony in Vermont so she can meet with Esther and get more in depth critique. She then explained the partnership with the Military Order of the Purple Hear and how her book can be personalized for $37.

Jackie shared a few versions of her latest poem about finding melted gum in the washing machine. She also discussed a couple artist residencies in Washington and artist awards that are available for parents. Jackie reported Prairie Writers Guild is accepting submission for their 2019 publication due out in the fall. The deadline is April 1st. Jackie will give Rachel a copy of last year's book.

Valia read his poem “Poetic Medicine” which was written in response to a call for poetry with the theme #MeToo. He then shared another poem with a photo entitled “Shades of Creation”.

Judy has been submitting to Northwest Indiana Senior Newspapers. A picture of her grandchild and an article on Clarendale has already been published. She plans to write an article on wellness next.

Patty read the prologue for The Iron Ladies and then Chapter 1. Members discussed other starting points for her first Chapter.

Next Meeting:  March 13, 2019 at Rosati’s in Schererville