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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Meeting / Party 12-12-13

Members Present: Bernardo, Jackie, Joan, Judy, Luneil, Pam, Suzy

Guest: Andrew Von Thaden
Suzy just remembered she is published! She wrote a journal article in the 90’s on Special Education and Computers. Jackie reminded Suzy that all the work she did at Purdue was also published, she just didn’t get credit. Suzy will work on a bio for the blog.
Jackie has some photos and poems in a book that is now on Amazon. Naturally Yours is a collection of poems and short stories about Indiana State Parks and Reservoirs. Proceeds are donated to Indiana Natural Resources Foundation's "Discovering The Outdoors" fund to enable school children to visit state parks to learn about nature and wildlife. Jackie talked to Joan about selling some books at The Center of Performing Arts in Munster since Joan has her book in the gift shop.

Jackie finally posted Bernardo’s bio and reminded members to send her any updates. Jackie brought in an old Family Flyer and some book drafts as well as a few made on Snapfish and Shutterfly to have concrete examples to show to our newer members and guests. Judy will bring some of her illustrated books to the next meeting.
Bernardo has been working on a newsletter for his unit entitled News from the Cobra Nest. It offers drills, support, and job leads among other things. He then read Memory Lane, a Christmas poem about gifts under the aluminum tree.
Nancy from Chapel Lawn talked about her daughter who wrote The House of Pendragon.  Debra Kemp has been a member of Indiana Writers’ Consortium in the past. Her book is available on Amazon and you can see interviews on YouTube.

Suzy read Mrs. Walters’ Christmas based on her memories of past holidays.
Luneil read The Day I Slugged Santa, also (unfortunately ;) a true story.
Andrew read Oscar Makes a Friend, a picture board book geared at children age 0-2. He included rough illustrations to give us a visual of his idea. He then read Rainbow Canyon. This book is for older children but still features Oscar the Turtle as the main character.
Judy read Why do I write? which was a blog entry for the Indiana Writers’ Consortium. Judy will print out the cookbook and bring it to the next meeting. She will also make MHW business cards for each member. Please email the personal information you would like her to include on the back side of your cards.
Members enjoyed a wonderful meal, desserts, and presents.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Next Meeting will be January 9th, 2014

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Meeting Highlights November 14, 2013

Members Present:
Bernardo, Jackie, Joan, Luneil, Pam, Suzy


Joan had a photo and poem about the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Wall published in the November Family Flyer. Congrats Joan! She is also working on a memoir for her kids. She stated she might want to publish it at some point.
Bernardo read the latest chapter of Red and Fred. The two fell down into a cavern and fought the ant guardians of the Secret Scrolls.
Pam has been busy with her newsletter.
Luneil asked for ideas for a poem or story for her pork chop recipe for the cookbook.
Jackie has started keeping a binder of newspaper clippings on local authors and events. She also plans to start posting poems by various authors for children on the Magic Hour Writers Facebook page.
Suzy was unsure about how to proceed with Zilla the Garden Gnome but then found some old notes that helped spark some ideas. Luneil suggested she fill out character cards. Jackie wants her to describe the setting in more depth and go into more detail about both special events and routine happenings around the garden.
Members then discussed the upcoming Christmas meeting/dinner scheduled for December 12th.