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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Meeting Highlights July 12, 2017

Members Present: Karen, Luneil, Patty, Pete, Ruthann, Valia 

Guest: Jane

Pete did a show and tell of his recently published books of two of his poems, The Tall Man and King of the Hill through Penit! Publications, LLC.  He explained the process of publication from layout, purchasing pictures for the books, Amazon, and sales. All proceeds from the books go to Riley Children’s Hospital and to a friend with cancer.

Ruthann discussed Boopy. There was some discussion on a new viewpoint for Boopie. Ruthann liked the ideas and Karen suggested she let Boopy do the ‘talking.’

Valia read three of his poems previously published in various publications, “Meditation” “Companions of the Storm” and “So I could Flow.” He also talked about ways to rewrite his “Quartz” story. He feels he needs a catchy story, such as a war or other hook to interest the reader. Pete’s book gave him a few new ideas.

Jane read her poetry about a walphin, a cross between a whale and a dolphin. The poets in the group offered ideas for improvement, such as research on this and other crossbred species. Jane was very pleased with the help and concepts.

Luneil read the next chapter about Barty. There was talk of having Barty’s human be a…girl! There was a lot of laughter as she read his tale and it was unanimous, everyone loves Barty.

Karen read the next chapter in Mac’s story, “Ghost Lesson’ now in first person, present tense. She received great reviews and Patty said it was fuller and so much better. Pete and Valia talked about Mac’s age and how he came across in the story.

Patty read next chapter in Vienne’s saga. She is always very grateful for corrections and help. She and Karen are participating in Camp NANO. You could say they are trying to work out the bugs, while they stay up all night writing.

Next Meeting: August 9, 2017 at 6:30 at Rosati's